Cake Flavours

I offer a wide range of delicious cake flavours and fillings, across the page are a few to choose from, fillings can be mix-matched to suit your own tastes.

Please feel free to suggest your own combination if it is not mentioned above, and I would be happy to make it for you.

* Please note, if you are having a tiered cake, each tier can be a different flavour, however if it is a stacked cake the bottom tier must be the heaviest in weight, i.e Fruit or Chocolate biscuit

* Allergen Information:  All cakes either contain Eggs, Dairy or Wheat or else have been prepared where these products are daily used, therefore we cannot guarantee that they are 100% allergen free.

* Gluten Free Cakes can be produced if required and every precaution will be taken when being prepared to avoid cross contamination, but please be mindful that the cake will be baked in a kitchen where gluten is present.

  • Dark chocolate fudge with a callebaut chocolate buttercream
  • Lemon Madeira with a delicious lemon curd filling and layers of lemon frosting
  • Belgian chocolate biscuit cake
  • Rich red velvet cake with a vanilla buttercream and a raspberry conserve filling
  • Dark chocolate & Orange fudge cake with a rich chocolate filling
  • Moist Carrot Cake
  • Smooth Vanilla Cake with a creamy Vanilla frosting
  • Traditional  Brandy infused Rich Fruit Cake with Almond Paste
  • Moist Light Fruit Cake with Almond Paste
  • Irish Cream Liquor infused Madeira Cake
  • Coffee Cake with a creamy cappuccino flavoured buttercream
  • Decadent Marble Cake with Vanilla Frosting